A Really Brief History of Innovation

All in 10 short points, I promise.

  1. In the 19th century economists believed business is only about operations.

(1) some of us are a century late — thinking that business is all about operations. They believe innovation is just one of the operations as well,

(2) others are just two decades late — saying agile is the-one-and-only answer,

(3) there are some that are a decade late — saying it’s all bimodal Change/Run,

(4) and finally there those who are either a decade ahead of time or wrong— bigger evidence will show.

What do you think?

I’m Natalia Babaeva, the founder at the School of Changers and a writer. I innovate education and educate on the topic of innovation ;-)

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Founder at School of Changers, Change Consultant, Medium blogger

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